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Namira Salim is a Founder Astronaut of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, the First private space-line of the world. She is internationally renowned as the First (future) Space Tourist of South Asian origin and that from Monaco. Sir Richard Branson personally introduced Namira to the world press in March 2006 as one of the earliest Founders of Virgin Galactic. Her launch established early consumer confidence in private space tourism and landed Virgin its biggest stakeholder worth $380m. Namira completed her sub-orbital spaceflight training in the world's most advanced high performance centrifuge, the STS-400, at the NASTAR CENTER in the United States, under the supervision of Virgin Galactic in 2007.

Sir Richard Branson introduces Namira Salim to the world press during the Virgin Galactic launch in Dubai, in March 2006.

Space Diplomat

Namira Salim is the Founder and Executive Chairperson of Space Trust, her non-profit initiative, launched at the dawn of privatization of Space, the new age of space exploration to advocate Space as the New Frontier for Peace.  Space Trust engages world leaders, the United Nations and the global space industry via high level advocacy to utilize Space as a sustainable tool for peace making on Earth.  Namira is a global thought leader in supporting United Nation's Space Diplomacy pillar toward Space2030, in support of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. She is widely written about in the international press due to her novel space themed initiatives under her non-profit which inspire change, encourage dialogue and enrich education.

United Nations signs MoU with Space Trust. L-R Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, Director United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and Namira Salim, Founder & Executive Chairperson of Space Trust


Namira Salim draws inspiration from the richness of solitude where her inner-voice, is her guiding star. What is little known about Namira is, her versatile in-born talents in art, design, poetry and music which are inspired by her love for the stars. She is based in the Principality of Monaco in the South of France since over 20 years.

Monte Carlo Knight
I'm having A Soul Affair with you
Come rise in love with me again
Like we did, once upon a star
Monte Carlo Knight
I'm having A Soul Affair with you
Monte Carlo Knight


Namira Salim has spearheaded record-setting, pioneering peace expeditions to all three poles of the world. She was the First woman from Monaco at the North Pole on 21st April, 2007 and First person from Monaco at the South Pole on 10th January, 2008. Namira was also the First Asian and First person from Monaco to Skydive (tandem) over Mount Everest at 29,480 feet (8,985m), during the historic First Everest Skydive 2008, on 11th October, 2008. Her peace expeditions to the three poles have inspired women and youth internationally.

North pole

South pole

First Everest skydive


Jewels from space

Namira's ingenuity, precision and attention to detail is found in an exquisite vault of astronomically accurate fine jewels designed by her under her private label, Namira Monaco, Jewels from Space. Infused with her inborn enchantment for the stars, her jewels bring the timeless beauty of the night sky within your grasp in 18 carat gold, high grade diamonds, precious and semi-precious gems. Namira Monaco jewels embellish the modern woman and empower her to embrace the stars.


Moment of birthBespoke Skies


Moment in TimeBespoke Skies





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